Annie Turbin Designs was founded from a need to find sophisticated and elegant, wearable clothing.  Founder/ Designer Annie Turbin discovered the need to stand out from the crowd while being on stage as an internationally touring singer and musician.  Her desire to merge function and fashion lead her to start making her own creations.  Thus began a never ending quest for the finest cloth, the freshest colors, and the most relaxed yet refined outfits.


What started out as an individual quest, has now become a cornerstone in many closets the country over.  Working side by side with Hollywood’s costume designers, Annie formed a solid foundation and took advantage of the opportunity to create evening wear and fabulous one of a kind pieces for that cross section of America that loves being in the spotlight.   Focusing mainly on tops, scarves, and separates, one can find the color that matches your mood and wear it confidently and comfortably just as you would your pajamas.

Fabrics are chosen after an extensive, never ending, search.  The finest and most durable threads are then being knit right here in the USA.  Garments are carefully cut and sewn,  then shipped to her small studio where they are hand crafted into the individual gems that they are.  Each garment is created to match an original.  But like all pieces of art, (and all women), they are unique unto themselves.  Each piece is painstakingly mapped out and meticulously refined with the desire to match the original masterpiece that inspired the line.   Each one a masterpiece of color, feel and uniqueness that makes the wearer feel like the spot light is on them, center stage, no mater where she is.

Like every woman’s dream, you try on an outfit and you feel special and unique.  In an Annie Turbin you will not only feel that way, look that way, but you really will be what you are…  a one of a kind both inside and out.