The products listed as Gold Label are truly one of a kind.  They are the creative process phase of my production design.  They are my experiments!  Most of the time I love them so much I refuse to part with them.  They are so much a part of me.  On the other hand my closet really does need to shrink.  These items represent more than just a top, they represent the artistic process of becoming a Work of Art.

Some times they are too hard or costly to reproduce.  Some times I feel they are not right for a larger release, sometimes I feel the color is not what I want it to be exactly.  Some times they are EXACTLY right and they are the Master from which all the others in the line are trying to be like.

Any way you look at it, there really is not another one out there like it for a myriad of reasons.  If you like what you see, scoop it up fast since I will be rotating these items off the shelf frequently if they are not picked up.

I love each one dearly since they represent both my passion and desire to find the moment that color, fabric and creativity meet on a garment.  If they speak to you go for it.  Usually there is only one listed so if you love it grab it quick, there may never be another.